10 Reasons Why You Should Become Your Own Boss

bossYou may have heard or read from successful entrepreneurs that starting a business was the best decision they have ever made. While this big step has plenty of risks – like losing sleep, sacrificing social life, and the possibility of going into debt – involved, these uncertainties do not prevent some people from entering the business world. In fact, there are many reasons why you should start your own business and be your own boss. Here are some:

More Spare Time

Your time will initially restrict you from having more me-time. You will have to work longer hours than usual and be paid less. Your efforts will begin paying off once you have mastered your schedule and stabilized your business. In time, the freedom that every successful entrepreneur enjoy will come into your life.

Tax Benefits

Business owners can take advantage of some tax perks. Some entrepreneurs can write off expenses, such as food, travel, phone bills, and more. The government also offers incentives to certain startups. It is best to consult your accountant about the tax benefits that you are entitled to.

Change the World

It may seem like a joke for many when entrepreneurs say they will change the world, but can you imagine going outside without your mobile phone? Many of the things you cannot live without were once nonexistent, but entrepreneurs were able to bring them to life. Think about Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and the countless others who have changed the world.


Many entrepreneurs were once poor at committing to challenges and changes. Owning a business will force you to become determined and dedicated, even in your personal life. If you wish to succeed, then you will have to learn to make commitments.

Job Security

Entrepreneurship means you are your own boss. Even if you have never been downsized, laid off, or fired, job security is among the things that many people aspire. There is nothing better than knowing that you hold the success of your employees. Your determination to succeed in your business provides them the opportunity to learn, provide for their loved ones, and fulfill their own aspirations.


Business owners love meeting new people and exchanging stories and experiences. Your network will keep growing as you pursue your business. It is important to nurture your circle of friends and acquiantances because you will never know when they will be helpful.

Financial Independence

Financial independence is perhaps the biggest reason why people enter the business world. This is a good thing. Regardless of how you define financial independence (unlimited stream of cash, retirement stockpile, or shopping spree), entrepreneurship can make it achievable. It cannot bu happiness, but it does make finding happiness easier.

New Skills

Business owners are often forced to learn things they never thought would come in handy. They need to keep learning to keep their business running. Besides, learning a new skill can help you save money from hiring more people to do the task. It takes time, but it can pay off.

Starting a business is now easier with the latest technology available, making it possible to reach customers in other countries. However, many still feel afraid to take the leap. Do not be one of those people who will look back and regret not grabbing the opportunity. If you want to gain more control of your life, you have to open your eyes and take advantage of the world opening its doors for you.