5 Tips for Not Buying High Heels That Aren’t Comfortable

high-heelsYou cannot possibly think about wearing a flat shoe with that gorgeous cocktail dress you purchased, flat shoes are not sexy enough. Sneakers are good but how can you think about wearing them at the parties. Remember when Kristen Stewart wore them for MTV movie awards and she is still ridiculed for choosing comfort over style, I mean how can she does that? You need to wear heels no matter how uncomfortable you are feeling wearing them. It is the fashion world who makes us believe that wearing flat shoes with a sexy dress is like committing fashion suicide.

But all these jokes apart, do you know wearing the high heels constantly can cause you some serious health problems. You may suffer from lower back problems which after some time can become chronic. This can also result in cancer and in future disability. I know these are harsh words to read, but this is the cold hard truth and you need to know these facts to prevent the serious future problems. But not all are bad, if you know how to choose the heel according your body type then it will not harm you and also you will not feel uncomfortable while wearing these shoes and walking. So here are 5 tips for buying high heels that are not uncomfortable. Remember these tips are important, so read carefully. It is the health of your back that we are talking about here.

Get a cushion pad

Some high heels offer cushion for your feet inside the shoes, but some heels does not have that inside them, these heels are really uncomfortable to wear, you will literally feel that you are walking on the air. So if you want to buy shoes like that then try finding gel pads for shoes on the market and put them over the soul. Your shoes are more comfortable now.

Get used to the new shoe

If you bought a new shoe with heels then try wearing them around the house before you wear them on the street. Try wearing the shoe for some times in the house while sitting. Get your body used to the heels you are going to wear. So when you go out wearing them your body will not get a shock.

Try finding platform heels or wedge

Rather than wearing shoes with pencil heels try wearing wedge or platform heels shoes, they will still give you the extra height you need, but it is less dangerous for your back. These heels are also stylish.

Do not walk a lot

If you are wearing a shoe with really thin heels then try not walking a lot. Try spending time sitting down and chatting. No matter how sexy it looks, do not try dancing wearing high heels. If you are sitting you will also feel more comfortable.

Take a flat with you

If you just cannot take it anymore and your back is hurting because of the shoes change the shoe and wear the extra flat shoe you are carrying on your handbag.

Heels are stylish but it is up to you how you can be comfortable wearing them.