Beauty Of Nature

beauty-of-natureMan comes out of nature and the nature is in the instinct of man. Nature and man are essentials for each other. If we start counting the blessings and bounties bestowed upon us we might be a big failure in this case. The beauty of nature can never be under estimated any way. The treasures hidden in the Earth to the soaring heights of the skies everything is the nature. Nature is so cool, humble and beautiful that it drags the man from any state of worry, stress or anxiety. Without nature a man is always imperfect and incomplete; it is nature which keeps the man alive and satisfied in his entire life. It might look lyrical and poetic while praising the nature so much but this is an amazing reality that no manmade creature could ever contend the nature and whenever such efforts were made the results were catastrophic.
Deep from the earth to the surface of the oceans everything has its own significance. Above them beautifully arranged mountains give message of the greatness of their creator. The lush green forests over the earth and the peaks of tall mountains bring the message of hope for the mankind. The snow covered hilltops really speak of the aesthetic characteristic of the nature. Natural splendor can be augmented with dew nice arrangements but its beauty can never be replaced with any human effort. The history has proven that whenever the man has tried to go against the nature; it always brought the adverse results. The natural beauty has always been under discussion by the poets, writers and was captured by the artists. Every great person looks praising the natural beauty; whether it is poetic.
While looking around us we see many natural attractions calling the man from miles away origins. All four seasons are created by nature to satisfy the human desires. Some people love the blossoming flowers and the singing birds in the spring whereas the others look anxiously for the cold winters to come with snow fall and a lot of fun associated with it. People also like summer with tropical fruits and the fun activities like water sports and beach luxuries. The autumn is also loved by a large number of people due to its sadness and loneliness. Its poetic association is also considered significant. Nature’s beauty drives the human emotions like it associates some memories with events, places and the occasions. One can easily imagine that a small contentment or pleasure given by nature can move the moods then how will the power of nature move the entire life of a person. The immense effects of beauty of the nature upon the personality and behaviour of human being can never be denied; nature changes the moods, tones and attitudes. The colours, moods, seasons, fragrances everything is the nature.
Nature is always for the man and we must enjoy its beauties and exquisitenesses to their peak. Time would never reverse but memories will remain with us forever. Life is short and wishes are very long; to satisfy the desires and tastes we must keep our eyes cool and brightened with the splendid beauties of the nature.