How to Stay Fit in Winter

how-to-stay-fit-in-winterIn winter, we only think about when to get back from work and then after a hot dinner getting under that blanket. In this season most of us become really inactive, we work only when we have to. Lots of people do not even workout once in a week during the colder months, and this affects their health. Do not know who told it but most people think its okay to eat salty and fatty food during winter. But the truth is in summer we sweat and it helps us burn some calories, but in winter you have to work extra hard to sweat, and if you do not sweat then all the cheese you are planning to eat in every dinner party will go straight to your heaps. Not only weight gain our skin becomes drier because in winter we do not eat enough water and the alcohol we drink to beat the chill only makes our skin dry and even more life less. So to keep your skin always glowing and the weight in check follow these simple steps in winter.
Yes winter’s best gift to us. Drink homemade juice in empty stomach, eat it as a snack or make a fruit salad with oranges as a desert, you need to eat or drink these fruits in the winter to get all the natural vitamin C your body needs to make your immune system stronger in the winter days. It’s a wrong myth that oranges are bad for cold, oranges actually help your body recover faster after you are affected by some seasonal bug.
We do not feel thrust in winter like we do in the summer, and that is why some of us do not even drink at least one liter of water in a day. But this habit is really dangerous as your body gets drier in winter, your lips become dry not because of the lip balm you use but because of the fact that your body is not getting enough water. So one must keep drinking the regular 8 glasses of water a day, and if you suffer from dry skin then make it 10 glasses par day. If you do not like drinking cold water in winter then make it luke warm, it will also make your digestive system stronger.
No matter what your age is, you must try to exercise at least 30 minutes per day in the winter. If you are not fond of gym then go for a long walk when the Sun is up, morning walk is hard in cold weather, so walk later in the day.
Vegetables and proteins
You need to add all seasonal colorful fruits and vegetables in your diet. Carrots, oranges, green peas, cauliflower, eat these vegetables and fruits every day.
Our body also needs protein more than it does in winter. So eat fish, milk and lean protein in moderation. If you do not have high cholesterol problem then winter is the season when you can eat mutton or lamb once a week.
Skin care
You need to use a moisturizer daily twice in the winter, if your lips get dry easily then keep a lip balm in your bag all the time along with a water bottle.
Along with these things you also need to make sure that you are not drinking too much coffee and alcohol in winter, try drinking green tea instead, a much healthier option than regular tea with milk and sugar.