My Favorite Home Appliance

my-favorite-home-applianceAlthough I love all those appliances which bring comfort and convenience to my daily life yet the appliance which I like the most is my automatic dish washer. I am a bit fanatic and uncompromising about cleaning of everything in my home therefore can’t afford any sort of negligence in cleaning. I even clean all the kitchen cabinets on daily basis. Similarly I don’t leave even a single drop of water on my kitchen sink after its use. Firstly, when I used to wash my used dishes with my hands it was a headache for me. It also took long to complete my work thus bringing tiredness and anxiety in my nature. I really detest having unclean pots piled up near my kitchen sink and stinking for long times. At the same time I was sick of doing it by hand as I was allergic of the dish wash detergent and hot and cold water. Therefore I brought this unique appliance at my home.
My automatic dishwasher really brought great comfort to me and now I really feel relaxed while putting all my pots in to this magical gadget and forget about it. My kitchen sink also looks sparkling all the times. One strange thing that the health of my whole family dramatically improved probably due to every time using a fresh dish to eat and clean glass to drink.
Advantages My Dishwater Brought to Me
Every member of my family after using a pot puts it into the dishwasher to get it clean thus my workload has been shared at a large scale and brings to me happiness and peace of mind.
My dishwasher is loaded with reasonably good capacity, with customization of the features.
It is economical as it consumes only needed quantity of water, time and energy and gives excellent results.
It has been provided with a reasonable size of sink and with full load my dishwasher completes the job in 9 to 10 minutes which I used to do from 40 to 60 minutes by hand.
With detergents it also uses the temperature technique to get the utensils dried hence it also sterilizes the pots on every wash and decreases the chances of serving unhealthy stuff to my family.

The Specifications of My Dishwasher
It comes with various capacities; one which I have is with 13 liter of water.
It consumes 1.3KwH to heat the required temperature for a healthy dish wash.
It produces high temperature and can be set at any desired value.
It takes 9 minutes to load and unload the machine.
Due to its consistent use a high quantity of detergent is used but it is compensated in other forms of savings.
The state of the art and contemporary home and kitchen gadgetry has brought an unending comfort and luxury to our life. We can save a lot of effort and time just wasted in small silly jobs and can utilize our capabilities in other fields of life.