The Places You Must Go in Paris

the-places-you-must-go-in-parisParis, the city of fragrances and one among the most visited, most loved places on the globe offers the tourists with a lot many attractions. The city streets are full of lure and the beauty thus inviting the entertainment loving people from across the world. Paris has a rich culture, an elegant style, and unforgettable romantic atmosphere. Hundreds and thousands crazy people visit Paris every season. One planning to visit Paris must know the major attractions and must see places of the city which include:
Eiffel Tower: The symbol of romance and love by which not only the Paris City rather the whole France is recognized in the world, Eiffel Tower is really a must visit place. It carries a great history like its unmatched height. Every time this tower gives a new look to the visitors; in the morning it looks great as a message of hope. During the day it looks awesomely clear and in the light it seems like a golden giant flooded with white lights.
The Catacombs of Paris: Paris is traditionally known as the city of love and the city of romance. People come to this place with their loved ones and really amaze. At the same time some places like Catacombs of Paris display the other side of the picture. This place contains historical underground burial exceeding 6 million human skeletons. These skeletons are referred to be older than two centuries. This place, however, is not recommended for the wordpress people with small hearts.
Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris: The symbolic cathedral of France located right in the centre of the city attracts a large number of visitors every year. It has a great historical significance among the other sites of the city and many memories of the city are affiliated with this place. It is great illustration of the aesthetic sense of the people who designed and constructed such a great piece of art.
The Versailles’s Palace: No one returns from Paris without visiting this great place. It is great symbol of the Versailles and their times. An awesomely arranged and brain opening sight which will probably never wash out from your great memories while in Paris. The artistic construction and state of the art way of its beautification on one hand; but being loaded with great facilities and splendid gardens make it more gorgeous and heart touching for the visitors.
Crypte Archeologique: You must have listened about the hidden gems of France; those hidden gems also include the great Crypte Archeologique. Roman Paris included a number of great beauties in the history; this underground museum is one of those. Its location being right under the Notre Dame increases its significance of worth in the eyes and hearts of the tourists.
Starting from Eiffel Towers to the Notre Dames everything in this city represents the exquisiteness and beauty of Paris. With a lot of other beauties this city is symbol of romance and love. People love to come to this place for various kinds of visits, vacation spending and honeymoons.