Top 5 Museums In London

top-5-museums-in-londonLondon itself is a historically significant place having a rich historical background. London might be famous being expensive for a visit but it is really seeing worthy. There are many places in London which deserve a must visit. It is also an advantage to visit various places at London that many important visiting places in London are free of cost. So much so, the Museum Galleries of almost all popular museums are free entry. This luxury is provided by the city government as a welfare promoting gesture. Despite of many other attractions in the city, the historical museum galleries have their own decorum and significant importance. The top five museums include the following:
Science Museum: This museum in London contains a lot of scientific stuff on its exhibition. It’s all seven floors are full of the inventions and the discoveries which leave the viewers stunning. It is an amazing place to visit for free showing the latest inventions in the science and technology. It includes almost all branches of modern sciences. The gallery is accessible through the South Kensington’s tube station.
Natural History Museum: Inspired by the dinosaurs – yes dinosaurs are considered to be the revolutionary part of the living history of the universe. They are preserved in the historical Natural History Museum located in the heart of London city. Displays of dinosaurs in form of skeletons, and the robotic models really attract the hundreds and thousands of history lovers from all over the world. The human history is also preserved and exhibited in the relevant section of the museum. This museum can be approached through the South Kensington tube station.
Tate Modern Art Gallery: This art gallery is a contemporary piece of art with all modern facilities and categorized as a must see place in London city. wordpress This art gallery has another distinction of being the most visited art gallery across the world. This gallery includes five different stages of the exhibition/ display. It is suggested that you must have ample of time available to visit this huge art gallery because it might not be the game of one day. There is no entry fee for this great visit; so it can be visited free of cost. Traveling to this art gallery may be done through the Southwark tube station.
British National Museum: The British history contains a large span of time; the British museum contains many things of the British Empire and even older in the history. The rule of British over the colonial world and things belonging to that era are prominent. It is a widespread museum and you need extensively spared time to visit the place. It is pertinent to mention that the whole museum cannot be visited at a single day therefore; before going to museum must mark the galleries which are important to visit.
National Gallery: The gallery containing one of the largest collections in the whole world. The concentration of this gallery is upon the modern and the latest art. More than 2000 paintings are placed in this gallery which belongs to the early years of 13th century. Century to century transition is shown in various stages through various levels of displays. The gallery remains open to the general public in all days and can be accessed from Leicester Square, Embankment and Charing Cross tube stations.
All prominent museums in London are fully loaded with the relevant knowledge and the related stuff. Being in London and not paying a visit to such great places would be unfair. Most of the places/ exhibitions in these museums are free therefore, there must not be any reasons to strike out these places from your trip plan.